‘I started my career directing theatre plays on stage and today I’m directing lives on the real Stage of Life.’ Nadine, The Life Director
Your life is a stage. In a glimpse of an eye, you can visualize its main actors, props, spotlights, varied audiences, and the multiple roles you play.

The ultimate question remains: where do you stand?
Are you the door keeper? The tickets holder? The script writer? The director’s assistant? The costumes’ designer? The stage manager? The curtain holder? Are you one of the actors? Do you stand in the spotlight? Center stage? Or do you always shadow someone? Who is the director of your life?

No matter the role you choose to play, there is one and only one I urge you not to let go of: the director’s. Decide to take your life back in hand… and I will surely help you write the script… and be the actor you want to be.
‘Be great in act, as you have been in thought.’ Shakespeare