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How did it all start?

On February 5th 2015, I was on my way to Lebanon to do a biopsy for small lump in my breast. That night, my sister Christina had a dream that a Saint gave her a project called Agatha and told her to take care of it. She didn’t understand and shared it with my elder sister Vera who had a similar dream about St Mary telling her that Nadine is fine. Vera took the calendar of the Saints and wanted to check whose memorial it is on the 5th of February and it was St Agatha.
Agatha means “good” or “virtuous.” St. Agatha is the patroness of nurses, firemen and women suffering from breast cancer.

My sisters were scared to tell me this and it was until I returned back to Dubai that Christina sent me the message and the story of Agatha and told me: there’s a message for you from St Agatha and only you can understand it.

I understood that I had breast cancer although the biopsy showed that it was a DCIS which might and might not transform into cancerous cells. I took the decision to remove my breasts like St Agatha and do a reconstruction at the same time despite all the doctors’ opinions, I was guided to do so and I was feeling that this is the right thing to do. After my operation, they did the histopathology for the breasts and to their surprise, the doctor discovered that there was a Stage 1 cancer, grade 2 invasive in my left breast that was not seen in the mammography, the ultra sound and the MRI. Today I’m a survivor and I’m paying it forward to St Agatha and St. Peter.

Paying it forward!

Thus, being the #UAEpositiveinfluencer, I started this journey by planning to create awareness around kindness and positivity, believing that acts of giving can softly move the world… Flying to Nepal was my first destination. There, I didn’t look for renowned orphanages or leading groups. I chose my own path, deep into the core of the country in order to reach for the families in need and the people whose voices could not be heard. After hours and days of hiking, I could move from one home to another and bring smiles on children’s faces.

I would like to continue what others have done and create a worldwide chain of giving. Every time a person gives to someone in need, it is a circle that brings us together in the circle of life. ‘We are all in this together.’ We owe one another joy… until our circles of joy become an unstoppable Pay it Forward happening.

Two hours of positivity talk and life coaching games could bring you, your company, your team or your circle of friends together into a continuous chain of giving… may we heal the world!
“I believe that exceptions make the rules.” -Nadine The Life Director

Pay it forward workshop
Pay it forward workshop
Pay it forward workshop

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