Why choosing to be the Life Director?

‘I believe that life puts each and every person in front of a two-way path, every single second. There could only be one way to go where we need to head; be aware of what is holding us back, know what we want to become and take the lead. After juggling for several years between all the drama and life stories that were shaped for me and after perfectly playing numerous roles, I confronted a critical challenge. I came to a point where I found myself facing a life-changing situation with no script at hand. That’s when I decided to write my own…

Stop dreaming your life, live your dream.’ –Nadine, The Life Director


What’s more?                

Nadine combined her theatre background with her life coaching certifications and created her unique title: THE LIFE DIRECTOR

‘My guests in my online TV show “Change your Life” are all inspirational, motivational and empowering people. You can meet me every Thursday LIVE @nawa3emcom,@oln.tv, @gheir.tv and engage with us.’

Nadine Chammas Bekhaazi. NLP Life coach – Mentor – Motivational Speaker – Contralto Singer – Actress – Director – Certified stage hypnotist – Master of Timeline Therapy® – Mother of two – #UAEpositiveinfluencer.

‘Education is the best anti-aging.’ -Nadine The Life Director

Nadine Chammas Bekhaazi is one of the Middle East’s leading figures in the area of positive change, training and coaching. Nadine literally turned around the lives of numerous people by revealing them to themselves. She explored with them their deepest needs, helped them express their willpower and transformed their laid-back attitude into their own declaimed script until they took action and get on stage.

Regularly featured in prominent magazines, newspapers and host of TV programs, her one-of-a-kind personalized method produces effective tangible results.








She gives the key of awareness to whomever takes on this journey, supports in writing down customized visions, claiming one’s individual powers and stepping into the spotlight.

Nadine’s influence in the community during the recent years made her a leading, positive and influential figure throughout her engagement via different platforms such as her Positive Lifestyle on live TV show, corporate workshops, empowerment talks and Pay It Forward events.

Having started her career as a jazz singer when she was very young, Nadine’s passion for theater and life gave her the right tools of being under the spotlight… and yet, she remained true to herself. With her sisters, she founded SCENEZ group that was one of the leading groups in entertainment during the Dubai Summer Surprises with organizing and executing more than 250 activities for families and children. Bridging cultures with theatre, they founded SCENEZ Drama and Arts Academy in DUCTAC and produced significant musicals.

Nadine has coached actors, presenters and singers to achieve their peak performance. What’s more? She used Drama Therapy to help kids and grownups overcome their fears, lift their self-esteem and confidence, find their potential and discover their inner powers and sculpt their talents. To sum it up, she goes beyond imagination to reality and has the right inspirational and motivational tools. With her, you will be aware of what’s holding you back, take that step you deep down want to take, be the director of your life and play openly the role you long for.

‘If you’re looking for the key that will open the door of your dreams, look no more. It was never locked! Just open it.’ –Nadine The Life Director

‘The Story of your life can be a comedy, a tragedy, a tale of joyous adventure or a story of defeat. You are the ACTOR, the WRITER and the DIRECTOR;
If you are not happy with the role you are currently playing in your life, you can simply CHANGE THE STORY. I can help you REWRITE THE SCRIPT of your life and show you how to DIRECT YOUR FUTURE… Decide now!’ -Nadine The Life Director