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Pioneering social impact strategist

An award-winning celebrity of the Middle East’s music scene, Nadine simultaneously performs multiple roles effortlessly – mother and wife, mentor, NLP coach, educator, singer and songwriter, motivational speaker, author, thespian, director, hypnotist, healer and entrepreneur – all with a common mission; to connect and make a positive change.

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Relationships & Love

The key to being irresistibly attractive to the people you most want is to get your personal and emotional needs satisfied and then start doing what you love. It’s truly the effortless way to find and keep the love of your life.


The key to identifying your ideal career is to find one that aligns with your core values, passions, natural talents and abilities. Let’s work together to help you find your ideal career.


The secret to being happy is to handle or eliminate the sources of negativity and stress in your life (money worries, difficult bosses, bad habits) and add in the things that give you joy. Simple yes, but not always easy.






Hours of coaching

Tribute to my Lebanon!

This video was made as a tribute for my Lebanon, the land of eternal hope. A land of perseverance in spite of opposition and struggle. I have a dream for you – my Lebanon. A dream for a better future for your beautiful land and your people. A dream that speaks in unity and one voice. A dream of strength, pride, resilience, and hope.