Nadine Chamas
is a pioneering social impact strategist
who believes in transforming lives for the better.

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An award-winning celebrity of the Middle East’s music scene, Nadine simultaneously performs multiple roles effortlessly – mother and wife, mentor, NLP coach, educator, singer and songwriter, motivational speaker, author, thespian, director, hypnotist, healer and entrepreneur – all with a common mission; to connect and make a positive change.

Growing up in Lebanon, Nadine’s innate love for singing led her to pursue a formal education specializing in Dramatics and Theatre Arts. After successfully, acting, scripting, producing and directing several theatre plays, Nadine moved to Dubai in 2000 and embarked on her first entrepreneurial venture by establishing the Scenez Group Production Company to craft culture-bridging plays and shows for Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises. Following her heart, Nadine then upped the game and launched Scenez Drama and Arts Academy in DUCTAC – the first production company for children’s theatre. In this rewarding role, not only did she teach dramatics but Nadine also fostered a safe space for young pupils to find their voices, self-esteem and confidence by creating Drama Therapy – a deeply healing and empowering process that has proven to be just as effective with adults in the work place!
After experiencing motherhood herself, Nadine reached out and connected with mothers around the region by hosting weekly counselling sessions on Al Arabiya. She also set up Super Dooper Edutainment Center to engage and inspire children to learn through entertainment.
A life-long learner and firm advocate of education, Nadine continued to arm herself with knowledge – NLP Coaching, Positive Parenting, Life Coaching for Excellence, Transformational Therapy and even Stage Hypnosis – yes, you read that correctly! – Nadine is the first certified female stage hypnotist in the Middle East.
Drawing on her own life experiences and challenges, Nadine chose to embrace the power of positivity and is committed to building awareness and spreading the joy. She has also combined her expertise as a coach and a therapist to create an online program for the regional professional growth platform Al Mentor.
Since then, Nadine has been invited to deliver several motivational talks which, with her unique brand of humor, positivity and entertainment, regularly morph into powerful, interactive learning experiences.
Most recently, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Nadine felt compelled to vocalize her innermost emotions and so she wrote and released 2 Arabic-language songs – which resonated with millions around the GCC, garnering over 1.2 million YouTube views alone. In all, Nadine has released 11 songs on digital platforms so far.
Skillfully melding all her education, talents, knowledge and insights over the past 2 decades, Nadine founded ‘The Life Director’ – a personal and corporate development consultancy firm specialized in customizing positive lifestyle programs for individuals, corporates and schools.
Nadine holds a BA in Fine Arts from the Lebanese University and is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Her formal education includes accreditations as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy (TM), Teacher of Theta Healing and certified Stage Hypnotist from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Additionally, Nadine is currently authoring her first book!